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Dr Terrell Neuage personal teaching philosophy.pdf resume.pdf
My personal teaching philosophy is an evolving model based on experience, observation, continuing education, keeping an open mind to changes in society and technology. Learning and teaching co-exist. My ability to teach is based on adaptation; adaptation not only to social-cultural influences and events but also to challenges of rapidly changing modes of communication available which exist without a geo-centred base.

As a facilitator of technology, computer teacher, and director of technology I am always learning. As a teacher I value the input of my students. My teaching model is a collaborative one. I collaborate with my students, as well as with other faculty and our local community. I am continually seeking best practice to adapt my teaching to the needs of my students.

Discipline is based on respect and the understanding that actions have logical consequences. I present choices and their logical consequences in order to maintain order. If there is a disruption I look for needs within the individual which may not be being met. There is always something outside of the classroom that needs addressing; it could have been a difficult time at the Roman Forum, or a bad gladiator fight, or a mean comment on Facebook, or a World War or famine. What happens outside of the classroom needs to be separated and once understood teaching can commence.

I have taught kindergarten and university classes and every single grade between. What I bring to the teaching arena is creativity, not just my own, but the released creativity of my students. I present opportunities and tools of presentation, or simply I teach and integrate computing across the curriculum.

I also have a strong commitment to professional development, working with other teachers and staff to facilitate their use of technology within their curriculum. There are several reasons for this. Aside of my own love of technology, students are excited about technology. What was new a decade ago is normal and mainstream to a ten year old today. The World Wide Web was new twenty years ago and to those in their 20s it is not only normal, but it always was, just as cars and airplanes are to those over fifty. On-line social networking may be only a decade and a half old and Facebook and Twitter four years old but this is so ‘main stream’ now that it seems as if it has been available for much longer. The iPad is six months old as of October 2010 but there is already anticipation of iPad 2 which will be released later this year. I not only listen to students to be aware of what they are doing on-line but ask myself would it work as a learning tool? For education to be relevant it needs to appeal to the student.
(see for more lesson plan examples)

One of the important principles of education for me is that learning should be 'real', relevant and connected to the world. To this end I developed a program offering students workshops in which they were able to work with a professional advertising agency. This gave them the opportunity to apply their learning in the computer classroom to the 'real' world. It was an exciting and successful experience for students. They completed 12 weeks, attending these sessions after school once a week. This project gave many disillusioned eighth students new motivation and enthusiasm as they learned firsthand what it takes to become successful in the world of advertising. From analyzing successful ads to creating our own ads using real JWT production equipment, students found themselves immersed in an exciting field of real world applications. I am able, as an educator, to think 'outside the box' and find creative ways to engage my students, and I offer this experience as an example of this.

YouthAD is the result of much collaboration among RGA, JWT Advertising Company, the Prep for Prep club, and the OneClub in New York City.

JWT is one of the most famous names in advertising history. The agency has an enormous impact on this field, with 200 offices in 90 different countries.

Prep for Prep and the OneClub Adversity are non-profit organizations that will be assisting us throughout the curriculum in various ways.

Here is the outline of the first week's activity.
The rest is online at

Week 1 - Introduction to Advertising
February 25 2009

· Students will be able to explain the importance of advertising and basic elements therein.
· Students will be able to explain the expectations of the workshop in which they are involved.

JWT agency video
Overview of nine-week curriculum
Intro to advertising (print, radio, TV, online)
Define the roles within the agency: Account, planning, creative
Tour of the agency
Q & A

Students were asked to write about their first impressions...
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